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Finally! A pocket tool that is actually convenient. It does 12 awesome functions. And it is even TSA-compliant.


It only weighs 1 ounce.


It is 1 millimeter thin.
Compare it to a "thin" bottle opener.


It fits in your wallet.


Phone Kickstand

Insert your credit card to make a stand for your touch phone. Work on your phone at a comfortable angle and still have one hand free!

Bottle Opener

Why carry a bottle opener on your keychain? That's bulky. Keep one in your wallet instead!

Flat Screwdriver

One of the most commonly needed tools - now in your back pocket! Need we say more.

Micro Screwdriver

They're on eyeglasses, keyless vehicle dongles, and kids' toys. Tiny screws are everywhere. Prepare yourself for when you are on the go!

Door Latch Slip

Locked your keys inside? That means the deadbolt isn't thrown! Use this latch slip to open locked doors without protective edging or specialty latches.

Letter Opener

Talented letter-openers are in short supply. Chances are, you struggle to even shred open your mail. With a letter opener stored in your wallet and always within reach, you can now make quick work of your mail pile.

Hex Wrenches

5 sizes of standard English hex-bolt/nut wrenches nested into one another. Slip the tool over a bolt-head and slide sideways until you find the right size. Convenient and easy to use!

Phillips Screwdriver

A flat phillips screwdriver?? That's right! The cross blade isn't the key to the phillips head pattern. It's the angled tip. This novel 2-D phillips screwdriver works!

Orange Peeler

Three in four adults struggle with a chronic condition known as cannot-peel-an-orange-itis*. This debilatiting condition is the cause of much embarassment. Say "no more!". PocketMonkey is a proven cure and peels oranges with ease!

*we just made that up

Banana Nicker

Ever tried quickly snapping the top off a banana to start peeling? It usually gets mushed instead. Use the peeler to nick the top and peel with ease.


Sometimes all you need to know is the difference between 3/16ths and 1/4 of an inch. Now you can measure those small details that life throws at you.

Straight Edge

Draw with it. Scrape with it. Chop with it? What uses can you dream up?

PocketMonkey product shot